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Trueklav 28 L Class N

Steam sterilizers which are also often referred to as steam autoclaves are an extremely crucial machine when you want to perform efficient sterilization and decontamination. We offer the best ranges of sterilizers that are available in the market.
These are majorly divided into three categories namely:
  • Large steam sterilizers
  • Medium steam sterilizers
  • Small steam sterilizers
This sterilizers are available in various models like the vertical sterilizers with the swing doors, horizontal cylindrical sterilizers with sliding doors and horizontal cylindrical sterilizers with the conventional radial arm. All these models of sterilizers are available in double as well as single door designs.
Other Specifications

The safety features of the steam sterilizers are great features. Both the doors of the sterilizer do not open simultaneously. Both the doors of the sterilizers will not open if the process of steam sterilization is on. There is a specially designed chamber in the steam sterilizer which ensures complete removal of the condensate. There is specially designed nozzle or connector in order to avoid the chances of contamination. There is also a special welding technique in order to avoid the depressions of welding inside the chamber.

The eServer facility of the Steam sterilizer allows the seamless transfer of the data from the CSSD to the server PC with the help of the Ethernet that optimizes the usage of the instrument considerably.
e'REMOTE (wi/fi) :
This particular facility of e’remote in the Table Top Sterilizer very well facilitates in the easy viewing and also in the proper monitoring of the same screen on HMI with the means of Wi-Fi. The e’remote very efficiently works with the help of Wi-Fi.
Time saving :
The process of drying is very quick and very well adds to the convenience of the users remarkably.
Water saving :
less water is required for its operation.


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