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Trueklav 23 L Class N

Sterile Safequip and Chemicals LLP offers different types of autoclaves and sterilizers which are built using high technological processes and can be used for various purposes. One of the much in demand products of the company is Flash Autoclave.
The Table Top Flash Autoclave manufactured & supply by us are used for immediate sterilizing purposes. This type of sterilization cycle is suitable for routine sterilization of the instruments also more suitable for emergency sterilization.
This is widely used for various uses in the medical industries especially for Opthal, dental and laboratories for various sterilization purposes. This variant of autoclave is majorly used in the circumstances when the sterilization needs to be done very quickly or urgently. The autoclaves can be used on electricity as well as on any of the external heat source such as gas burner, kerosene stove, charcoal & wood.
Other Specifications
The eSERVER facility of the Flash Autoclave allows the seamless transfer of the data from the CSSD to the server PC via Ethernet which makes the usage of the instrument easy and convenient.  lets you transfer each cycle information and history data directly from CSSD room to a PC in the Clinic via Ethernet.
e'REMOTE (wi/fi) :
This feature of the Autoclaves immensely helps in the viewing and proper monitoring of exactly the same screen on HMI with the help of Wi-Fi. Irrespective of the location where you are present, you can opt to use the remote control with the help of Wi-Fi.
VHD-Tec :
This particular feature of the Table top Autoclave is based on the technology of vacuum heat drying. This particular feature enables closed door drying within the autoclave in few minutes.
Time saving :
The process of VHD is quick drying which reduce cycle time and very convenience of the users.
Energy saving :
As the drying process is highly optimized, it results in the saving of the energy considerably and having unique steam generating technology with very low watt heater.
Water saving :
The flash autoclave requires very less around 100~150 ml of water for operations. Thus, it results into water saving.


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