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Sterile Safequip and Chemicals LLP (SSQ LLP) provides Low Temperature H2O2 Plasma Sterilizers which is used for medical & hospitals purpose. We are the first manufacturer of Plasma Sterilizer in India. We have been in the forefront of the industry by utilizing innovative engineering concepts and latest technology. SSQ LLP supply fully automatic and software controlled Plasma sterilization equipment in India and overseas.
Do you know what basically Plasma is? Plasma is the fourth state of matter like solid, liquid, gas and plasma. Plasma is created when a gas is heated in a strong electromagnetic field. It is an unstable form of matter in which either the number of electrons gets increased or decreased.
Thus plasma is an ionized gas that is not stable either contains a negative or a positive charge. Some examples of naturally occurring plasma are fire, lighting, the stars, the sun and so on.
Other Specifications
So, what is Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer?
Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer is a process used to deactivate all microorganisms present in an instrument. The need of the plasma sterilizer is to ensure that all the instruments are properly cleaned to avoid any further function.
In this process,  hydrogen peroxide is used to properly sanitize the medical instruments and other instruments. The process can take 8 to 16 hours to properly sterilize instruments. Plasma uses the process h2o2 gas to kill all the microorganisms.
EiligPlaz offer new generation 10* color touch screen with high resolution and user-friendly operation. The screens offer optimal ergonomics, with a clear overview from all angles in the control area. The user interface and menu are ntuitive, the text is remarkably distinct and the graphics are vivid.
The clear and intuitive interface of the new touch-screen panels is only one of many examples of how we ensure that EiligPlaz is easier to operate and more ergonomic.
allows operator to release door using the touch screen panel only when it is safe to do so with safety features.
RF generator produce Plasma in chamber on time with specific fiquency.
EiligPlaz units comes with an integrated thermal printer.
The integrated front USB port allows cycle data to be stored digitally making record keeping simple and efficient.
eServer lets you transfer each cycle information and history data directly from CSSD room to a PC in the Clinic via Ethermet.
e\'REMOTE (wi/fi) :
eRemote lets you view and monitor the same screen shown on the HMI and control the Cycle process via Wif No matter where you are, remote control is easily accomplished.
The Wi-Fi module lets users transmit cycle data and current cycle status to a computer, tablet or smartphone, thus providing completely secure remote monitoring.
sterilant containts Hydrogen Peroxide (57~59%) in vial, easy to fix in specific sterilant window at left hand side body of Eilig Plaz. Each vial having enough sterilant for any one cycle. Every cycle needs new sterilant vial.
Technical Detail :
Overall dimensions 1100 (L) X 850 (W) X 1700 (H) mm
Chamber Size  750 (L) X 448 (W) X 400 (H) mm
Chamber volume 135 Ltr.
Weight 300 Kg.
Chamber Material  Hygrade Aluminium
Door locking Mechanism Convenient and safe automatic vertical sliding door.
Electrical    220V AC, 4 Kw
Control display panel      10”
Cycle temperature      50 ± 5ºC
Printer   Built-in Thermal Printer


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