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The Company was established in Feb, 2015 by two Directors having long experience in Automation Engineering, Marketing, Administration and Finance. Mr. Hardik Patel is a Director having his own proprietary firm running successfully since more than 15 years. Mr. Kaushal Patel is a Director having his own proprietary firm running successfully as family Business since more than 50 years.

Company Objectives

Our Directors having long experience in the field of Automation and Sterilization decided to float the Company with the objective of providing solutions for Hospital Equipment, as a one of the major division. Further the Company has plans to extend their activities in different fields where the automation has major impact. Our policy is to provide better than best quality Equipment at reasonable price and to provide services after sales to customer's satisfaction.


Since 2015, we are supplying Table top Autoclaves & ETO Sterilizers to small and large hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. Our customers are highly satisfied with our Equipment and services thereafter, provided through well experience engineers. The customer\'s satisfaction have boost up our sales in such a way that our sales is almost doubled during first six months of 2016 -17 in comparison with 2015-16. Our products are being sold in almost all regions of India. To streamline the distribution in better way, we have decided to appoint more Dealers, having very good rapport with Doctors and hospital Authorities.
We have tie up with Sterile Safequip USA LLC for upgrading software & design of our Equipment. This will allow us to compete in the Global Market. We have also applied for US FD approval for our Equipment to ensure worldwide acceptance of Quality & Performance of our Equipment.


We have decided to achieve more than 30% market share of Hospital Equipment Business within next three years. We are fully equipped with Technical, Financial & Manufacturing facilities within the Company.


Our organization’s vision is to enhance the overall quality of life by providing the best quality products to our clients. Our major focus lies in gearing up the future by actively expanding our scopes of work and our infrastructure. We work with the primary aim of continuing to lead ourselves to the part of perpetual professional growth with the help of highest quality of operations.


Our mission is to supply the best and world-class sterilizers both in the national and international markets and fulfill the demand gaps that is existing in this industry. We vouch to achieve this by the application of unique engineering and with the help of our dynamic development department.


We are completely committed in delivering quality in everything we do and our organization is led by a strong set of values that very strongly guide our daily actions. We are committed to do the following:
  • Respecting each other in the organization
  • Respecting and valuing our clients
  • Responsibility towards our duties
  • Accountability towards achieving our goals
  • Organizational Vitality


Our Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) are as follows:
  • We adhere to the highest standards of production as per world class level.
  • We have the best infrastructure when it comes to production as well as operations.
  • We do have the best technicians and engineers who dedicate their full-time services for achieving the best results.
  • We have empathic and well-trained sales team who provide the best to our clients as per their requirements.
  • We use the best communication tools to communicate with our stakeholders and clients. So, we are easily accessible and approachable.
  • We have a dedicated Research & Development (R&D) team which is engaged in continuous research and development of our manufacturing processes and aims in perpetual product development.
  • We have a lot of information about our company and offerings in the web. So, we are popular in national and international markets.

Research & Development

We have a dedicated research team which is continuously dedicated in the R&D roles aiming at achieving the continuous technological innovation of our autoclaves and sterilizers.
We as a young company has the best and most updated sterilization plants design and manufacturing facilities which is always at the forefront of the technological innovation and research. Our philosophy is very simple and we believe in growing with our customers and provide the sized-service in order to obtain the maximum level of satisfaction.
Our R&D efforts have permitted us to witness the continuous process evolution and technological progress. In this highly competitive market and the industry we are thriving in, we have carved a niche for ourselves in a very short duration of time. In order to be relevant amongst our client base, we always make the efforts of providing products and services which is suitable to the clients’ exact needs.

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is something which is high in agenda for our management.
We believe that the reputation of our business not solely depends on our financial performance but also the ways we adopt in running the business. We are one of the best and major manufacturing companies which is engaged in addressing the environmental issues and also at the same time drive innovation. We put in efforts in curbing environmental pollution and use machineries and processes which do not lead to environmental pollution under any circumstances.
We practically believe in a sound record of achievement when it comes to corporate responsibilities but at the same time we continually strive in improving the performance and address the opportunities and challenges. We as an organization are completely committed to bring the sustainable development by adopting a proactive approach to the environmental protection and contributing towards strong economic progress.


For any kind of query, contact us with the details below.

  • +91-9978655778
  • info@sterilizer.co.in
  • Z-306, Dev Castle, Opp. Radhekishan Complex, Nr. Jaymala Bus Stop, Isanpur
    Ahmedabad - Gujarat (India.) - 382443

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